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September Building Update!

Have you checked out Wallaceburg Christian School lately? There are so many new and exciting things taking place. We couldn’t help but share all the “evidence of His goodness” with you.

First, we are roughly $50,000 shy of reaching the fundraising goal of 1 MILLION DOLLARS for our building campaign!!! Over 130 donors have contributed to this humbling amount. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!! Please pray about donating to our building campaign or even donating again if God so leads you. Our fundraising efforts have allowed us to complete phase 1 and get a huge jump start on phase 1.5, which includes two new classrooms to accommodate our growing population.

We are in the works with our architect to finalize a design for the new gymnasium. All fundraising efforts will go towards finally having our own gymnasium to perform plays, hold events and so much more. We are calling on our community to partner with us in order to make this happen. We humbly ask you to please consider giving to our campaign.

Below are pictures of what has been accomplished in the recent months and our current projects on the go. Thank you re:find for our beautiful new playground. The students have been enjoying their recesses so much more. We have also been enjoying our new library. We know that our new library will encourage new life-long readers. Our new front entryway has been beautifully landscaped thanks to our volunteers. And last but certainly not least, our two new classrooms are taking form. Our goal is to have two new, ready to use, classrooms by Christmas break.
God is so incredibly good. Like our motto says, we “see the evidence of His goodness” daily. What an exciting time to be part of a growing community that is intentional about putting God at the centre of all we do.