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Extracurricular Programs

Explore the diverse extracurricular programs offered at Wallaceburg Christian School, designed to enhance student development and foster a range of skills. From sports and arts to academic clubs, our programs provide enriching opportunities that complement our Christ-centered education.

Preschoolers playing with fishing rods and water
Preschoolers playing outside

Ready, Set, Alphabet

Is your child 3 or 4 years old and starting Kindergarten soon? “Ready, Set, Alphabet” offers a delightful and free 6-week introduction to kindergarten at Wallaceburg Christian School. Through engaging with books, games, and crafts, your child will enjoy a gentle introduction to school life. Our compassionate teachers are ready to meet your child at any stage of their learning journey. This program, running each May to June, has been a blessing for many families, and we hope to welcome yours too. Spaces are limited, so contact us to secure your child’s spot in this enriching experience.

Athletic Programs

Wallaceburg Christian School provides a broad array of athletic programs such as soccer, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, badminton, hockey, and track & field. Through each sports program, students have the chance to enhance their physical abilities, embrace the principles of teamwork and discipline, and enjoy the positive impact of healthy competition and team spirit.

Baseball team photo outside in front of the baseball diamond
Boys playing volleyball in a gym
Group of kids sitting on chairs in a circle
Group of kids in front of a table of books in a gym

Academic Extracurricular Programs

Annually, students from grades 4 to 8 have the opportunity to participate in the Battle of the Books competition, fostering a love for reading and enhancing comprehension skills through teamwork and strategic thinking. Additionally, grades 5 to 8 are invited to enter the yearly Math Competition, challenging them to apply their mathematical knowledge creatively and competitively, further developing their problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.

Student Council

Annually, Wallaceburg Christian School forms a new student council known as the “A-Team.” Selected students are granted the unique opportunity to lead and organize monthly events like PJ Day, Winter Fun, and Christmas dress-up days, along with leading fundraising for various community and global initiatives. This role cultivates leadership, teamwork, and a broader awareness in students.

Group of girls sitting on a sled outside in winter
Group of kids with a teacher in a hallway
Group of kids outside in front of a river and walking bridge in Wallaceburg
Group of kids by a brick wall

Community Involvement

Our classes actively engage in serving the local community throughout the year. Activities include volunteering at Re:find, delivering flowers to neighbors, organizing food and clothing drives, helping at local soup kitchens, and singing at long-term care homes, among other initiatives. These experiences foster a sense of service and community connection among our students.