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More than Bricks

“More than Bricks” is the motto behind our building campaign at Wallaceburg Christian School. We began our campaign back in 2021 with an exciting vision to expand the footprint of our school while offering spaces that offer dynamic and forward-thinking educational opportunities for our students. Our campaign has taken us through three phases, two of which are complete. The fundraising for the last phase is currently underway.

Phase 1

The first phase of our plan was estimated to cost $500,000. With some small adjustments to our original plans, we have finished phase 1 and completed a few other projects along the way. The cost to complete this phase was roughly $600,000. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and a grant for $100,000, this phase has been paid for in full. Praise be to God! Our school now boasts a new front entryway, a new teachers’ lounge, a new office, an accessibility washroom and two new student washrooms. In addition, we also transformed our old washrooms into a school library and reconfigured some other spaces as well to provide better learning opportunities.

Phase 1.5

Our building plans had to be adjusted to address the population growth we have experienced over the last few years. We have increased to 140 students. As a result we built two new classrooms. In addition, we also put on a new steel roof, painted the exterior of our building and got a brand new playground! Thank you to the generosity of our charitable thrift shoppe Re:find for donating the money for our new playground. This phase was estimated to cost $400,000. We were under the estimated cost, which has been been paid for. Again, we are so thankful and humbled for the generosity of our donors.

Phase 2

We are excited that fundrasing efforts have started for the last phase of our building campaign. We will be building additional classrooms, address the need for more parking spaces and build a brand new gymnasium. We cannot wait to host grandparents day, sporting events and engage our community more with our gymnasium. Just recently, the students participated in a readathon to raise funds for the gymnasium. Over $20,000 was raised, which will go directly towards paying for the gymnasium. Estimated costs are $1.5 million for phase 2.

A teacher and student holding Pete the Cat books
Group of teachers dressed up in the library