The Newsline is the school’s weekly newsletter. It is posted on the website via a link on the home page, and is also sent home as a .pdf to parents email accounts on Mondays. It keeps parents informed of assignments, classroom news, upcoming events, community news and prayer requests.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year, in November and in March. Parents are encouraged to attend both sessions; however, parental attendance in the first set of conferences is mandatory. During these conferences, teachers and parents share their insights about the individual child and learn from one another. To address areas of concern, the teacher and parent, at the conferences, will formulate a Plan of Action to set goals for student improvement. Should additional student problems or concerns arise, the classroom teacher will be in contact with the parents on a regular basis. Similarly, if parents have a concern about their child’s performance at school, we encourage them to contact the teacher as soon as possible.

The Board

The Board’s task is to safeguard the basis of the school as presented in the Constitution. The Board manages the school’s affairs through the various committees. These committees advise and make recommendations for action through monthly reports made at Board meetings.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee deals with the financial matters of the school.

Tuition fees account for most of our budget. Our fees are calculated on a per-family basis.

A percentage of fees paid is generally allowable as a deduction against income taxes, depending on the number of children a family has attending WCS.

To assist with budget planning, parents are requested to register for the next school year in January/February. Tuition fees are set in the spring and parents are asked to submit post-dated cheques by the start of the new year.

Tuition Assistance is available for families finding themselves in financial difficulty. Application forms and more information are available from the Treasurer.

Generally each spring we have a fund-raising drive to raise money for capital expenditures (ie. buses, busing renovations etc.). If there are any other financial needs determined by the Board, they are incorporated into this drive.

We are thankful that we have a strong donating base at WCS. Many grandparents, relatives, friends of Christian education, and alumni families are member and generous in their support. It is encouraging to see people recognize the value of Christian education. Since our current members are subsidizing your child’s education now, you are encouraged to continue in membership after your children graduate.

Often discussion of finance tends to be a sensitive subject. We appreciate your prayers and support as we deal with the day to day money matters of the school.

Contract Partnership Committee

The Contract Partnership Committee deals with teacher contract issues including the recommendation of annual salary proposals to the Board. Committee membership includes two staff reps, two Board reps, and two parents of whom one is chosen by the Board and one by the staff.